Tuesday, February 3, 2009

November and December Birthdays suck

Kelli went to the doctor today. The results are in. I don't know the technical details....I will leave that up for Kelli to post. The short of what she told me is she has a blood clotting issue which will only be a problem when she is pregnant. In order to correct the issue she will need mega folic acid pills and a shot of something in the stomach...everyday she is preggo. Yeah.

Unless we get preggo in the next week we aren't going to try until April/May at the earliest. Why? I don't like November/December birthdays. People with birthdays in those months get a huge shaft. Family and friends aren't around due to the holidays. If someone has a birthday within a week of Christmas then they get a Birthday/Christmas gift sent in the mail. Boo. Thus either we get instata preggo or hold off until a November/December birthday can be avoided.

Hmmm and to all those with birthdays in November/December or kids who have a birthday in November/December.....have fun with all that.


  1. Ugh, you're so right on the birthdays! That was my biggest gripe to my son for being born on the 21st of December! I'm going to have to make super efforts to make sure he gets birthday AND Christmas gifts!
    He should have waited till his due date on Valentines Day!

    The belly shots - I had to do them for the insulin I needed; honestly they don't hurt! There are also alcohol wipes with a topical numbing stuff in them, they help!

  2. January birthdays suck, too. I hated having a birthday right after Christmas. Everyone was broke from spending money on Christmas so I got shafted on my presents. Just hurry up and get preggo now and hope for October. Halloween/Birthday parties could be lots of fun!!

  3. i understand this well,i was born dec 9th and was teased in school by peers rubbing it in my face they were older,it ticked me off.yeah when youre born the last month youre going to be younger than alot born the same year as you.plus its around the holidays,and it takes forever to come have to wait til the end of the year.most of your peers are their right age and you have to wait longer to turn the new age.i wish i were born in januarylike my mother was.its opposite of dec.its the first month of the year,peers wouldnt had teased me in school because when youre born in january you top those born the same year.i always did admire people born early in the year.like jan,feb,mar,april.if i have kids i prefer my kids not to be born in dec.like i was.