Thursday, April 3, 2008


By: Darren Byrd

Here I sit in this waiting room
My wife has been taken away
People peek in every now and then
No windows in the room….not sure if it’s night or day

Going through this the first time
We were told it shouldn’t happen again
Again we drove to the hospital
Faint smile I try to pretend

That it doesn’t tear me apart
For my wife I have to appear strong
Starring off in the distance
I thumb through my MP3 player for another song

Is it too much to ask for a normal pregnancy
Literally millions have done it before
Flipping through the same miscarriage pamphlet
I let it fall from my fingers….to the floor

“Everything went smoothly,”
“Your wife is doing well”
“Gather your things and follow me,”
I felt horrible…but you couldn’t tell

Time to put my game face on
I enter the room and fake a smile
She slowly opens her eyes
The nurse says she’ll be back to check in a while

Initial here, Initial here, Sign
She is released and I leave to get the car
I know my way around this place too well
I take a short cut….three turns…not too far

Will we try again?
Right now I am not so sure
The pain of going through this twice is enough
A third time??? I’d rather not endure

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