Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Winner is........going to be

So we went and test drove the Mazda5 tonight. Loved it. Not as "hip" as the Scion XB...but it's more refined and has the features I want as is. The Mazda5 also has a sunroof.....a must have. So what now? Well....I gotta find a way to unload my car. Anyone want to buy an Acura TSX with 36000 miles? I will sell it for payoff!!! I refuse to roll in any negative equity. If it can't happen now then I will just have to wait. I am getting new caritis. The Mazda5 has plenty of room for 6 people with 3 rows of two seats. It has sliding doors with power windows that go all the way down. Ton's of headroom and plenty of storage room. Gas mileage is less than what I get now but still in the upper 20's on REGULAR gas. Funny thing happened at the dealer though. They found the Mazda5 I wanted (Black outside, Black inside) in Oklahoma City. They said it would be $400 to transport it down here. Umm then I reminded the salesman I work for American Eagle and can fly there for $10. Yeah....about that fee.


Oh yeah Kelli got pissy that I posted after her so please scroll down and read hers next. Thanks!

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  1. When you go buy, tell them that we referred you. We'll split the $100 referral fee with you... that way you can buy more diapers.