Monday, March 24, 2008

So maybe Kelli isn't crazy

I wasn't sure where to post this. I was going to put it on my flying site but it didn't totally fit. It could have gone on it's more about us than here it will sit.

I flew with my first woman captain today. Very nice lady who was in the CRJ training class after mine. I had met her in the crew room a few times but never flew with her. Today was the day. I got to work early and was eating breakfast in the crew room. We were the only ones there and soon figured out we were flying to Kileen and back. Short flight. I thought "wow for a Captain she sure is a sloppy dresser," as she had her shirt untucked. I sipped my coffee and looked was a maternity shirt! Fast forward to the plane. She started talking about her pregnancy and I let her know about Kelli being pregnant. Turns out she is just as fanatical about stuff as Kelli. No caffeine, lots of healthy food (Kelli does ok in this arena), no medications for pain and so on. She took the leg down to Killeen and made a buttery smooth landing. As we were rolling down the runway she sighed and commented that she was glad it was smooth to avoid the breast pain from a rough/normal landing. She jokingly scolded another first officer for landing a little rough. Now the pressure was on. My leg was next. Seeesh. The flight back we discussed all sorts of pregnancy related topics and how kids are the best thing in the world. On final for 18R at DFW I was bringing down the plane of 70 passengers + 4 crew +2800 pounds of cargo equaling 65000 lbs as slow as possible. Around 50 feet I started to bring the power out. At 20 feet I got a little updraft and I could see the Captain tensing up out of the corner of my eye. A smooth wrist move and I slowed the descent. Butter smooth. She exhaled. I then applied full reverse and slowly slowed down.

The Captain was very nice to fly with. She has a great personality and is able to take charge in a fair and balanced way. I looked forward to flying with her again.....after the pregnancy....too much pressure on my landings. HA!

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