Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To SUV or not to SUV

So a while back I posted about what I should do when my lease is up (just 6 more months). Well now that I am getting closer my ideas have almost totally changed. Everyone.....well almost everyone I know...who has a kid has a SUV. They state it's much easier to put a kid in and out of an SUV vs a car. Having to stoop and bend over all the time gets old. That combined with the amount of stuff babies need when they travel (not sure what...I do fine with a magazine and a diet pepsi max) means WE should get an SUV as well.

With that in mind I like the Toyota 4Runner, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Mazda CX-7 and a distant finalist is the Mazda5 wagon thingy. I would move the Mazda5 up higher if it had more guts....too slow. The CX-7 requires premium fuel.....thus it's third place spot. The 4Runner and FJ Cruiser are neck and neck. I do NOT want any Honda product. They make good cars....but I just don't care for them. Time will tell. For a while I thought about a Prius...but that's a car. I might consider a domestic SUV if I can get a killer deal like $1000's off + 0% financing. Kelli has given in to the SUV thing as well. I already forecast really buying the SUV for her and I get the Prius.

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  1. You and Eric should go car (or SUV) shopping together. He has been talking my ear off for the last 2 weeks about what SUV to get. I need a break! :)