Thursday, October 6, 2016


Kelli has resisted blogging this time around. I figure I will blog...mess something up...and she will correct me.

So between the birth of our daughter and now we did have one other pregnancy.

Back in February Kelli was pregnant when another set back happened....ectopic pregnancy. Due to many factors I don't understand, her right fallopian tube was removed. We were devastated. At that point we were 1 for 4.

We discussed adoption, after all my mom ran the second largest adoption agency in Texas in the 90s. The prices for adoption were all over the place. It didn't seem feasible.

July came and Kelli decided she wanted to start trying again. She is really good at tracking things and we are extremely fertile so it only took 2 "attempts" to get pregnant. Ironically when the date came to take a test, Kelli was a bit negative and didn't feel it was necessary. About a day later she took was positive. She took another...still positive. Kelli even knows which test are more sensitive than others.

Then things began to get odd, which is sadly normal for us The first sonogram was performed at a different location than normal due to the primary office tech quitting. The tech at the new location had issues finding the embryo. We didn't think anything of it at the time, but looking back it was a warning sign.  The second sonogram occurred while I was out of town. The same tech didn't say anything (professionally she couldn't), but Kelli got a bad vibe when she was left alone after the exam for a long period of time.

When her Doctor came in the room she said, "I wish we could meet and have good news....". The Doctor told Kelli it might be another ectopic...but a more severe and rare kind.

Kelli was sent to a high risk doctor to be checked for a possible cornual ectopic pregnancy. I just happened to be flying back into town to pick up something I needed. I had time to stay for the visit.

The high risk Doctor took a look but couldn't state if it was cornual or not. We were left with a 50/50. The Doctor would consult with her partner in the morning.

I flew back out and Kelli went home. Thankfully her mom was able to fly in that night to be with Kelli.

The next morning Kelli was asked to come back in for another sonogram. This time they had a better look. The baby was thankfully normal....the problem was Kelli's uterus was fused to her abdominal wall thus they weren't able to get a normal picture. They still wanted one more follow up visit.

The following week Kelli tripped over Natali in a parking lot and fell hard on her left arm. It hurt badly...and I was still out of town. Natali wasn't injured.

I told Kelli to ask a neighbor for help and head to Urgent Care. Nope. Kelli was in pain, but wouldn't take a pain killer. She went to bed in pain...because she is hard headed.

The next day she went to Urgent Care. I told her to "check in" the night before, but she didn' she waited 2 hours. The X-ray was.....inconclusive (see a trend here?) so she went from there straight to a scheduled visit with high risk Doctor. One final look and they were content with letting Kelli go back to her regular OBGYN. Everything should be fine.

Kelli was able to relax.....just a little.

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