Monday, December 10, 2012

White flag

We've raised the white flag on potty training....for now.

Natali was frustrated as were we. Gonna hold off and try again in a few weeks. She knows when she needs to go #2...but not #1.

I still can't get over how fast her speech is developing. Everyday she says new and longer sentences.  Two years ago this month she wasn't even crawling. Now she walking, conversing, climbing, making longer a baby. I still hold her like a baby sometimes....but it's getting awkward.

Speaking of time going by, this will be our last December in our current house. The Byrds are flying south.....about 3 miles south.

We are moving into a new house in the new Viridian community in north Arlington. We are going from 1960 square feet to 2700 square feet. New house will be 3 bedrooms plus a game room, study and a media room. Should be interesting. Should move in next May....which by then.....Natali better be potty trained.

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