Saturday, August 25, 2012

Swimming along

Natali has completed her first swim class.

Kelli and Natali have been going to swimming classes on Fridays for at least two months. Maybe more. Kelli knows more....but she's just about given up on blogging.

For the final class Natali did great. She was able to hold her breath for 10 seconds! She starts her next class next week...Advanced Water Babies.

I've accepted the fact that Natali is no longer my baby....she is a toddler.

Her speech is getting more and more advanced. Much like the two of us...Natali is hard headed.

When she wants to she will speak fairly clearly and concise. Other times she just mumbles.

As Natali gets tired she actually gets more coherent. She has counted to 14, all the ABCs, full ABC song, Happy Birthday song and more....all when really tired.

Natali is now in a preschool classroom. This means no more sippy cups at school and the start of potty training at school.


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