Monday, March 19, 2012

It gets better

We have our good days...and we have our bad days.

Natali has really started expressing herself lately. Not always in a bad way. She's just being more authoritative.

For example she got used to having a coat on when we left the house. So whenever we leave she will say "coat"....and insist we put on her coat....or we aren't leaving the matter how warm it is outside.

After the coat on she says, "zipper". Yes we have to zip up the matter how warm it is.

I took her to the park on a 74 degree day last week....and she was wearing her coat.....only for a few minutes though.

This is just one example of her insisting things go her way. There are more....many...many...many more.

We aren't going to have that "bratty only child". Kelli and I both stand our ground every now and then....tantrum be damned. Natali is good at throwing a tantrum....Oscar worthy.

She will straighten her body out if we try to pick her up, fling her head back and scream. When we leave her on the ground she will roll around and cry...tears more often than not. We don't budge.

Kelli and I bought new Ipads. Kelli gave her old Ipad to Natali. I bought a pink and white Otterbox case for it. Otterbox cases are heavy duty cases that can withstand being dropped, kicked....toddler'd.

Natali was already really good at using the Ipad. Now she is really good. I put her favorite video on the Ipad titled, "Elmo's Word - Babies, Dogs and More". Kelli and I have watched this video at least 10 times. Natali has watched it more than that. She still likes it.

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Now that she has her own Ipad all she wants to do is watch that video. I tried hiding the Video app...she just swiped to the next screen, found the icon, opened it...and said "Elmo please".

We have limited her Ipad use to about an hour a day. She protest....we deal.

Feeding time has progressed as well. Natali wants to feed herself......we can't help.  The days of us holding the spoon are over. Thankfully we bought plastic shirt bib things that protect her clothes as she is still learning.


We've used the Pampers brand of diapers from day one. They are good....and expensive from the store. Thankfully they were REALLY cheap on recently.

Now they are only slightly cheaper than going to the store. Problem.

I tried Wal-Mart brand diapers. Eh. They are ok for day time....but not night time.

I then tried Target brand diapers. Eh. They are also ok for day time....but not night time.

Guess we will stay with Pampers. Maybe mix the at day and Pampers at night?

Finally, brushing Natali's teeth has gotten much easier.

No longer do we have to hold her down and listen to her scream. All we have to say is, "Natali it's time to brush your teeth."

She then walks into the bathroom and stands on her toddler stand (which is also a toilet). We then sing the "ABC" song while brushing her teeth. No crying. No fussing. Just peaceful brushing. It's so much nicer.

It gets better.

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[singlepic id=338 w=320 h=240 float=]


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