Tuesday, January 3, 2012

All done....more....all done....more

All of us were sick in the last two weeks. First Natali, then me...finally Kelli. Kelli protested the most though by repeatedly stating she wasn't sick....as she was coughing and wheezing. She finally gave in.

All on antibiotics. Getting better.

I often sit back and think about our little family and just how good we have it. I'm not saying we are perfect (Kelli is a Democrat and I am a little nutty), but overall we aren't too shabby.

Natali is just about the easiest kid to take care of. Her biggest issue in my opinion is her love of reading. Seriously. She will bring book after book to us to read to her.

If we are sitting on the ground she will go find a book, bring it over, say "more", hand it to us and then sit in our lap and patiently wait to be read to. It's a great thing she enjoys reading...but I think it's a little extreme. She will sit through 3-5 books in a row. Rarely interfering. She's already picked up on a few words and pages. She knows just when to say "pop" when reading The Hungry Caterpillar for example.

Beyond that she's easy. She never protest at nap time or bed time. Often she will say "nite nite" and walk toward her bedroom on her own. The other night she fell off her chair, stood up and started screaming "nite nite! nite nite!"  She knew she was tired.

Natali still gets a little flustered when she can't communicate what she wants. She has this cute thing she does when she's tired and frustrated. She will be eating a snack and say "all done" then immediately say "more, more"...then "all done, all done!" then "more, more". Yeah. She also loves to say "all done!" then grab one more bite as we pull the tray away from her.

She will be 17 months old in a few days....17 months. Goes by fast. I look back and photos and videos of her and just sigh.....she's getting so big.

It wasn't easy for us to have Natali. To those that stumble upon this blog and are having trouble....keep trying. It took 2 miscarriages before we were successful. Keep trying.

All done for now.....more? Probably not. Natali is too intelligent as is.....don't want to risk having more than two people more intelligent than me in this house.

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