Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 months to go.....

I don't post much beyond names of the week. Not a lot for me too say. I'm not preggo.

After I build the crib and moved furniture around in the baby room....well I'm just waiting around for the baby. Two years ago I pondered about what vehicle to get. The winner was Mazda5. I'm happy with it. Honestly most 1-2 kid families could easily live with a vehicle the size of a Mazda 5. Plenty of room for 4...6 in a pinch. With 4 on board there is a ton of cargo room. I have been averaging 26.5 MPG.....and it's even fun to drive!

Kelli is doing all the hard work. During her last Doctor visit she was measuring much larger than expected. Will she make it the full term?

I was 10 pound 13 ounces when I was born. Thirty-three years I go I walked out and told the Doctor to cut me some slack <insert rim shot here!>. Kelli's brothers were all big (I believe over 9 pounds....maybe 10?). Big babies run in our families. I have no doubts Dijon (name of the week) will be an above average baby.

Kelli is getting a little uncomfortable with her size. With two months left she is out growing her scrubs for work. Maybe a week or two left in her large scrubs. She will surely have to get extra large scrubs...maybe double extra large?

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