Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back up, Back up plan

I'm a bit of a planner. I used to be a "free spirit" just doing stuff. Not so much anymore.

For example, before I buy anything worth more than $9 I research it. Seriously. I spend hours reviewing specs, reviews, prices and other like products before I buy something as basic as a digital camera.

On a similar note I almost always have a back up plan. Again it's what I do.

Driving along the highway I constantly keep an eye not only right ahead, but behind, to the sides and way ahead of my car. I like to be prepared in case something happens. This has become natural and relaxing for me as driving a 3000 pound car at 70 MPH is many times easier than landing a 67,000 pound plane at 150 MPH.

Before deciding to increase the intelligence of the gene pool, I was overly concerned about being financially prepared. My parents worked very hard when I was a kid to make sure I had what I needed. During the crappy early 80's my dad traveled all over the United States in search of work. I remember him working in Louisiana for months at a time along with Arizona. They struggled, but made it work (I mean come on....I'm just shy of being total humor).

Anyways one the of top 24 reasons for not wanting to increase the intelligence of the gene pool was money...or the lack there of. I don't make a ton of money. Kelli does okay. I know millions of people have kids who have fewer (not less as it's something that can be easily counted) financial resources than we have....good on them. I don't want to struggle. Ever. Whoever said the struggle makes you stronger, simply didn't plan enough. Kelli and I live a decent life. Nothing extravagant....outside the slot machine....just an average middle class household. We don't overspend. We live within our means. Life is good.

Prior too signing on the dotted line for having a spore, I had peace of mind that there was a back up plan for finances. Of course it takes a little more than 9 months for the spore to spawn....and things change. Kelli has been saving up an emergency stash which is one level of back up. The back up of that isn't likely to be available. Now I need a new back up plan. Pondering getting a real part time job. Just need to find one that's truly flexible. Gotta do some researching.....because it's what I do.

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  1. seriously - again - have you considered freelancing like i do?
    you can do it anywhere.
    you've got the background and the brain cells to do it.
    the gig i just wrapped up in a month paid out triple what i made at the 9-5'er that i was laid off from. not all pay that much but it beats flipping burgers...