Tuesday, February 2, 2010

11 weeks (and 1 day)

The last 3 weeks have been difficult to get through.  My thoughts have been the enemy.  It even went so far as a couple of nightmares about miscarriages.  The cruise last week was great!  We had a wonderful time and ate a lot of food.  I think that helped a lot with my sickness.  I was so full all the time that I didn't throw up the entire time we were gone.  Of course, we came home and the next morning I did throw up again once.  Hopefully that has passed.  I find that when I eat more I feel better, but of course that means weight gain.  I am trying not to worry too much about that right now.  I am still exhausted all the time though.  I didn't really feel it so much when we were on the cruise, but I think its because I got plenty of sleep every night and I wasn't doing a lot during the days to make me tired.  Now that I'm home and back into my normal routine I am really exhausted.  Hopefully that passes in a few weeks as well.  I know it really bothers Darren, but there isn't much I can do about it.  I haven't been awake for the 10pm news in a long time.  We used to watch it every night before we went to sleep.  Oh well, its the same stories as the 6pm news. :)

Anyway, the good news is that after 3 weeks of torturing myself with bad thoughts I had another ultrasound today and things look great!  The baby is exactly where it should be on growth right now.  It was moving all over the place, which I hadn't seen before.  It was very exciting to see.  The heart rate was at 163, which is excellent too.  I know some people think that a heart rate that high means its a girl, but that is completely untrue.  Its an old wives tale.  I am still thinking boy, but I don't really care either way, and I won't speculate.  I will wait for confirmation from a medical professional.  I am just happy we have a perfectly healthy baby so far.  My doctor is extremely happy with my progress.  Darren was even able to come today so he saw the real thing for the first time.  The next step is a visit to the high risk OB on Monday.  I think it will just be this one appointment to check everything out.  If I look fine to them then I don't think I will have to keep going back there.  We'll see what they say though.  After that, my next appointment with my doctor is on March 2nd.  I will be 15 weeks then.  Hopefully I will start showing by then.  Perhaps I will feel better about everything when I can actually see and feel that I'm pregnant.  I am feeling much better about things now though.  The chances of something going wrong at this point are extremely small.  This treatment really does work!!



  1. Eating will help you from feeling sick. You don't have to gain weight due to it though. Just watch what you eat. My wife was able to shed most of her baby weight, she attributes eating healthy and breastfeeding. Also, always have crackers (or something) with you to curb the feeling at onset rather then wait til you really feel ill.

    Good luck!

  2. You only need ~600 extra calories per day during the last 6 months of pregnancy. That really isn't a lot more food. Be picky and try to eat healthier things and you'll keep the EXTRA baby weight off.

    Breastfeeding will help keep your calorie burn up after burn and help you shed those few extra pounds you picked up. Not to mention its the best thing for your baby.

    Also, keep snacks on hand at all times and curb those sick feelings before they make you sick.