Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Me and my hard headed wife

Not a whole lot for me to post as I am not the one infested with a energy sucker (for those reading this blog for the first time....I am VERY with it).

Kelli is an incredibly intelligent hard headed woman. She is very set in her ways when it comes to a lot of things. For example she had stomach pain for a few days. I told her to try Tums. She refused. After a fews days she finally tried one. more pain. Silly woman.

Biology is cruel. Pregnancy causes the breast to get bigger which is great. Of course Biology also causes them to be painful. This is like giving a kid an awesome new toy....but then saying "Don't you dare touch this toy!". Damn Biology.

We have our first energy sucker carrier. A very nice Captain I fly with gave us a Peg-Preggo car seat that is practically brand new. This is a very fancy (and expensive listing for $275 at seat. Apparently it’s part of a modular system. I’ve flown with this Captain a few times and told him all about Kelli and I. About a year ago Kelli was flying back from Amarillo and this Captain was flying the flight. When he heard she was on board he called her up to the cockpit and of course asked how someone so intelligent could be married to me (in a joking way). I asked myself the same thing and am thankful each time the garage door opens meaning I still live here.

Way back when the site was started I discussed getting a "family friendly" vehicle. I currently drive a 2008 Mazda5. Though we have no kids now, it's still a great alternative to a SUV.

My Mazda5 can swallow large items (brought a 52 inch LCD TV home...IN THE BOX!), hold 6 passengers (though 2 of them must be short/kids), has averaged 26.5 MPG since new and is fun to drive. If it had another 30 horsepower it would be perfect. The sliding doors are awesome. Who knows....maybe I will keep it when the lease is up March 2011.

No family "needs" an SUV unless you really do go off in the woods every month or two a huge boat. There are so many parents with ONE kid who have a huge SUV. I don't get it. One family member of mine wants a new vehicle with 3 rows of seats....but she only has two kids. Why?

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