Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Gattca....not only a great movie....also a part of the DNA strand. Tonight my wife and I were discussing offspring and the topic of prenatal testing came up. A "discussion" followed.

I am in the belief that, if possible, why not have the most perfect child possible? If prenatal testing shows birth defects, then that's just nature's way of saying "oops". These "oops" happen. They have happened twice before too us. If prenatal testing shows Down Syndrome....I would rather not complete the pregnancy. My wife on the other hand thinks I am crazy.

And with this post, Byrdintheoven.com is re-acivated.


  1. The odds of Downs are pretty low, but you could have genetic testing done prior to pregnancy to see what your odds are perhaps?

    Now... if you can just plan on producing a boy... I've got two massive boxes of baby clothes to donate! :oP

  2. I was born with a birth defect (not in the same spectrum as Down's but in 1976 it was a pretty decent one). I have always wondered what I would do IF I managed a healthy, adult relationship and then child. . .I realize now as I am older that to terminate anything less than the baby will die soon (if even with that) would basically say my ma should have done the same. How does one define perfect? If you read enough about Downs' MANY parents say that child taught them more about love than they ever imagined. Just my 2 cents :-) Yeah I know. . .dam liberals!